Mar 20, 2008

Branding in Action Sports Panel a Success!

group Y would like to thank all involved with the panel last night that took place at Oakley headquarters and was attended by over a hundred people.

We'd especially like to thank the following people for their assistance, without them the event would not have been what it was;

Our friends at Oakley hosted not only the amazing venue but a Wahoo's dinner to our hungry attendees.

Panelists Danielle Beck, Jim Anfuso, Carl Harris and Pat McIlvain provided their unique insights, experiences and humor, and fielded some tough questions from both the moderator and the crowd with wit and grace.

Moderator Sean O'Brien put a huge amount of preparation into the panel and the topic. Thanks to his Action Sports expertise, he asked the right questions and attendees left with more knowledge than they walked in with.

Chris and Jen Panaia with On The Rocks and Effen Vodka provided the spirits and bar tending service, complemented by bottomless Red Bull courtesy of Julia Winfield and her crew.

And lastly, thanks to our friend and one of our pioneering group Y members Jerry Kasai who was the photographer for the night. Check out photos from the event here. (if you know who is in the photos, please write in the comments--there were so many of you we didnt get to meet each and everyone!)

We are very thrilled it went so well and that so many people could join us. As always, please drop us a line and let us know your thoughts, comments, compliments, complaints, and ideas at

We will post up the panel questions on the site shortly, please feel free to share your own thoughts.

We'll be announcing our next two events in San Diego and LA shortly.

Thank you and thank you again!


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