May 15, 2008

$100K for 1st Place! Maloof Money Cup is coming

Final details are rolling out regarding this summer's Maloof Money Cup, tagged as "World's Richest Skateboarding Competition." As you may know, the Maloofs are brothers who own The Palms Hotel in Las Vegas, as well as the Sacramento Kings basketball team. With names like Sheckler, Dyrdek, Rodriguez, Burnquist and every other top male & female skater signed up to battle for a piece of the half-million dollar purse...this contest could be very interesting. shed some light on why these multi-millionaires would get involved in skateboarding.

This will be the second time a casino owner gets into skateboarding. Remember Peter Morton, former owner of Hard Rock Cafe & Hotel, and his foray into action sports with the "Hard Rock Cafe World Championship of Skateboarding" in 1995? His event eventually grew into the "Vans/Hard Rock Cafe Triple Crown of Skateboarding". First prize back then was (at the time!) a generous $10,000.

Quite a leap in prize money in just a few short years....

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Sandy said...

World's "richest" skateboarding contest.