Apr 4, 2008

Bad News and More Bad News

Unfortunately the two news items of note today are both downers.

First, EXPN has announced they have canceled Vert Skating for this Summer's X Games (along with killing BMX vert as well). This seems like a strange decision to us. While it can be accurately argued that kids don't really do much vert skating, it still seems that the Vert comp is/was one the banner X Games events. Anyway, check out the EXPN blog here and TWBiz's story here.

And in worse news, word is that Burton has laid off approximately 30 employees, including some marketing types. We haven't heard the full story yet, but feel free to enlighten us if you have.

I would like to offer one little shred of light in the darkness that is this post--we just noticed out friend and group Y member Andy Blumberg has his own blog on EXPN. Nice! Ch-ch-check it out!


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