Jan 31, 2008

Mickey Mouse & Christian Hosoi Partnership

We saw this post on EXPN.com as possibly one of the strangest collaborations to ever exist in action sports.

It seems that Disney has been dipping it's giant white fingered gloves into the world of skateboarding, in particularly, the legendary world of Hosoi. Though specifics are still not crystal clear, it appears that Disney has brought in legendary pro skater Christian Hosoi to design and endorse some of the brands limited edition skate decks and apparel. Did you see that pick of Mickey in mid Christ Air before the infamous Hosoi Rising Sun? Priceless! With Christian's background and celebrity lifestyle behind him, irony can be comfortably left behind as a world of child-like wonder ensues for the better of good intention, skateboarding children. Wink, wink!


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FidelGonzales said...

Used to skate with Hosoi during the late 80s and early 90s, usually at Lance Mountain's vert ramp as well as other less hospitable environments. (The dude was an airborne bad ass on vert.) Back then, skateboarding was engaged in what I view at its second coming, a time when it still managed to remain quite punk and respectable, slam dancing on the fray of the mainstream meat hooks that have since clinched its cajones.

Now, enter the era of Disney, which hasn't had anything more than a shred of cool or ounce of punk since the early days of Mickey Mouse and Steamboat Will, a time when Walt was a non-cryonic visionary whose company was still hardcore enough to forge an ally alliance against the Germans and Japanese during World War II.

Perhaps this is far too much of a long shot or too deep for skate-related commentary, but what the hell? I'll give it a shot.

Walt Disney is lame, and its alliance with skateboarding is utter blasphemy to the purity of its sub-social roots.