Oct 27, 2007

group Y Update

Firstly, we hope that all of you, your families, and friends are safe during the fires. Some of us on the group Y board have been dealing secondhand with the issues and stress that a disaster like this can cause, and hope that you all in turn are well and safe.

On a happier note, we would love to thank everyone who came out for the panel (see photos on the left). It was a huge success, to which all of you contributed. And again, we'd like to thank our panelists, Chris Conrad, Bruce McDermott, Mel Harris, Graham Stapelberg and moderator Rob Campbell for their time, energy and vast expertise. We were very happy with how well-rounded the panel turned out, it was a great mix of commentary and personalities! Please let us know if you have any requests, ideas, and or comments for future panel discussions.

Also, there has been some confusion about membership of group Y. In order to be a member, you must apply. This entails more than just signing up for the email list -there is a link to this on the left side of this website: Apply for Membership. If you have not already done so, please do before the next event. The panels are the only events which are open to non-members. Our normal monthly gatherings, are open to MEMBERS ONLY. So, if you'd like to attend the gatherings, please apply so we can approve you.

We are also in the process of planning the next gathering for mid-November. Our tentative location is Laguna Beach. Details to follow.

Thank you thank you, be safe and well!
group Y


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