Jul 25, 2007

group Y featured on ASRbiz.com

Alex Ota at ASRbiz.com did a little write up on our July gathering.

"So last night I found myself at San Clemente's OC Tavern, mingling amongst Industry folks, seeing old friends, and meeting lots of new people. What brought us all together was the Group Y Network. Founded by Liz Randall, Doug Schneider, Mark Sperling, Jennifer Kashdan and Claudia Bremser, they describe themselves as “a collective of youth marketing, entertainment, and action sports and communications professionals who meet once a month to network and socialize.” Last night’s get together brought a slew of different people—you had a headhunter, a woman from corporate America looking to find a job in the action sports industry, someone who had lost their job and was networking and the rest of us who were there to mingle and have a couple cocktails. As one of Group Y’s founders Doug Schneider said, “We wanted to have a place where you could finally put a face to the name of that person you’ve been emailing.” Great concept. "


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